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1. Why feed freeze-dried food to fur babies?

Before distinguishing the quality of freeze-drying, many people may have questions, why should we feed freeze-drying to pets?

Isn’t cat food and dog food delicious?

To answer this question, first, we need to understand what freeze-drying is.

Generally speaking, freeze-dried food refers to food that is quickly frozen and dehydrated in a vacuum ice state, preserving the original color, aroma, taste, nutrients and appearance of the original material. Moreover, freeze-drying also has good rehydration properties and does not contain any additives, making it an ideal natural and hygienic food.

The application of freeze-drying in pet food dates back more than 20 years. As early as 2000, freeze-drying was favored by many pet food companies and consumers because of its convenient transportation and storage!

Moreover, in addition to having a long history in the application of pet food, there is another important point: freeze-drying is in line with the nature of pet food!

As we all know, cats are obligate carnivores!

Moreover, although many dogs are omnivores, they are also facultative carnivores that mainly eat meat. In other words, the dog’s diet must also be based on meat!

Freeze-drying does not require starch molding and has a very high meat content. Many freeze-drying products are often made by directly freeze-drying and dehydrating meat, and the meat content is 100%. Even if other nutritional ratios are required, the meat content is almost the same. It is above 90%, so freeze-drying is a high-quality food that is suitable and loved by pets!

At this point, some people may have questions again. Why not feed raw meat directly to pets?

Leaving aside other issues such as preservation, just think about it, what if your pet eats blood and comes over to rub it and kiss it?

2. How to choose good freeze-dried products?

After understanding freeze-drying, let’s continue to talk about how to distinguish the quality of freeze-drying.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the pet food industry, various brands and types are emerging in endlessly.

Faced with complicated choices, how to find a safe, healthy and high-quality freeze-drying product has become a problem for many new shit scrapers. But don’t worry, you only need to look at three things when purchasing, and you can buy high-quality freeze-dried products with confidence.

First look: Understand the certification mark, freeze-drying is safe and there are no surprises!

Below are some more authoritative logos that I have compiled for you.

Yes, these logos are highly recognized by the industry and certified by international authorities!

Therefore, when buying freeze-dried products, if you see the above signs, don’t hesitate to buy them directly. You can rest assured that freeze-dried food is safe!

Second look: Look for the manufacturer, the product quality is guaranteed!

In addition to certification marks, it is also very important to have production companies. Large production companies can not only ensure the quality and safety of products, but also pursue more functions, health and taste of products.

In China, manufacturing companies such as Mingyue Anxin, Shandong Hanou (Shuaike Group), Shandong Kele, Zhongchong Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Fubei are all quite good.

Mingyue Anxin has a 100,000-level purification workshop, which is particularly impressive. Currently, there are really few factories that can achieve 100,000-level purification.

Some of the relatively good brands on the Chinese market now, such as Fulifulu, McFudi, Afei and Badi, Weishi, Pat, Naughty, etc., are sourced from the above factories.

We are all a group of people who love pets. Who doesn’t want to give their pets some better freeze-dried food?

Therefore, look for the manufacturer to further ensure the safety and quality of pet freeze-drying.

3. Look at the full production ingredient list to help you achieve good health effects!

Now that the quality of freeze-drying is guaranteed, it is also crucial to choose the freeze-drying product suitable for your pet. So in the end, we must learn to read the ingredient list and select freeze-drying products accordingly.

First of all, the first thing in the ingredient list is the meat raw materials. Everyone needs to pay attention to it. Be sure to look for fresh meat or frozen meat to prevent some inferior manufacturers from using meat powder as inferior quality.

Secondly, we also need to pay attention to the appropriate calcium to phosphorus ratio. Generally speaking, the calcium to phosphorus ratio is 1:1 or 1.2:1. If it is 2:1, it is also reluctant. The total amount of calcium and phosphorus should not be too high. If it is too high, it may cause serious health problems. Increase the burden on the kidneys.

Of course, although freeze-drying is mainly based on pure meat, in order to have more comprehensive nutrition, more targeted effects, and richer taste, many freeze-dried products will add some fruits and vegetables in appropriate amounts.

For example, if a cat needs to change its fur, you can choose freeze-drying with cat grass added; if it is a pet that needs to take care of its hair, you can choose seaweed freeze-drying; in addition, foods such as dragon fruit, cranberry, blueberry, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, etc. It is a good additive and has good effects on gastrointestinal health, digestion and absorption, and bone health of pets.

You can choose this according to the physical needs of your pet.