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      In October of golden autumn, the bright moon is picturesque. At a wonderful moment when the whole country is celebrating the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Mingyue celebrates its 25th birthday after restructuring. On October 10, Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Group held a grand celebration meeting for the 55th anniversary of the founding of the group, the 25th anniversary of the restructuring, and the launch meeting for the new journey of striving to reach tens of billions in the lecture hall on the third floor of the Seaweed World Scenic Area. A total of more than 500 people including members of the group's board of directors, middle and senior managers, representatives of retired cadres and employee representatives gathered together. The conference was chaired by Yang Xiaojing, director of the Group’s Party and Government Office.
▲Yang Xiaojing, Director of the Party and Government Office
        In the morning, accompanied by the leaders of the group, representatives of retired cadres returned to the group, visited the modern production lines and advanced equipment, learned about the development prospects of the new industry, and felt the unique charm of the Seaweed World scenic spot. They spoke highly of the group's management level, industrial layout, employees' working environment and mental outlook.
         Afterwards, the group watched the National Photography Exhibition "Twenty-Five Years of Glory, Light and Shadow". By comparing old and new photos, they could more intuitively feel Mingyue's development history and corporate culture.
        In the afternoon of that day, the celebration meeting officially began. Based on their respective positions, the 10 Mingyue speakers interpreted the corporate story of the group's high-quality development with vivid deeds and full emotions.
    The group's song MV exhibition "Si Ge Witness" presents the dreams and memories, struggles and struggles of generations of Mingyue people in the form of old photos and old materials, records the group's reform and innovation, and witnesses the development of the marine biology industry and grow.
▲Group CEO Liu Zhaozhi
      On behalf of the group, Liu Zhaozhi, the president of the group, delivered a themed report on the theme of "Deep Plowing and Planting for Development, Across Ten Billions to the Future" to the conference. He reviewed the fruitful results achieved by Mingyue over the past 25 years since its restructuring, praised the reform and innovation, forge ahead and unremitting efforts of Mingyue people of all generations, summarized the "Mingyue Experience" that continues to promote the group's high-quality development, and launched the "Three Mining Moon" new strategies. The "first step" of "step by step" to achieve the new goal of reaching tens of billions.
▲Zhang Jiawei, founder of dGlobal Business School and chief knowledge officer of the group
        This celebration also specially invited Mr. Zhang Jiawei, founder of dGlobal Business School and chief knowledge officer of the group. He delivered a keynote speech on "Dynamic Growth, Professional Winning", which resonated with the attendees with his unique insights and in-depth thinking.
▲Zhang GuoFang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group
         At the meeting, Zhang Defeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, elaborated on the future path of Mingyue Seaweed Group and drew a grand blueprint for the century-old Mingyue Group. He pointed out that the group has been deeply engaged in seaweed active substances and has gone through the industrial development period, nirvana development period, industrial transformation period and high-value development period, forming today's "three major industrial systems" and "one world, two centers and three bases" "The industrial layout has seized the commanding heights of industry development.
        Zhang GuoFang emphasized that in the face of the current complex and ever-changing market environment, we must continue to strengthen independent innovation, improve product R&D and manufacturing capabilities, expand marketing channels, consolidate brand connotation, and create the second curve of Mingyue's development. We need to think outside the box and respond to all external uncertainties with internal certainty. It is necessary to strengthen the new strategy of STBC empowerment and achieve the strategic goals of the first step through "four focuses" and "eight comprehensives". It is necessary to start from Mingyue’s core culture, five major business concepts, eight major cultures, brand propositions, company training, etc., to condense the spiritual power of Mingyue’s development and form a “spiritual atomic bomb” that competes with competition and prospers in the long term.
        Zhang GuoFang said that in the future, Mingyue will continue to uphold its original mission of "utilizing marine resources to protect human health", and will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading under the guidance of the "seaweed + health" industrial strategic direction, so as to achieve 100-billion-level seaweed health at an early date. and strive to create an industrial ecological chain.
        This celebration not only showcased the brilliant achievements of Mingyue Seaweed Group, but also outlined a grand blueprint for future development. I believe that with the joint efforts of all Mingyue people, the group will move to new heights at a more steady pace and contribute to the development of the global seaweed + health industry!
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